Influenza in pigs and in reality

22 Kasım 2009 Pazar
Posted by MaRKeRs

Swine flu in Germany. Rip off with rapid tests "(Hamburger Morgenpost. But no one answered the question: What to do with the bodies? In the cellar perhaps?

I constantly have to think here of films and do not know how it is that I always want to "Dogs, ye have eternal life" (swine flu in Stalingrad) or "At death, each of the first" (The swine flu as a dark parable about the arrogance of urban civilization).

We hope for protection and rescue of a health system that is affordable for anyone, the doctors and medicines, such as shareholders fattens ne pork ribs. The corruption in the system like a virus has changed and is even under the Mirkoskop of PR agencies, ehm, I meant of course: under the microscope of the free press ... no longer recognizable. Adapted as a team leader with a time of medical service contract comes along and speaks with chalky, but a thousand voices. Whom to believe? And what?

More and more we become. Getting older. These parallel, we fear our demise as the Regisseuer censorship. We just live twice. Once for the operation, so for the work (any stop, dammit!) And the second time for the medicine. Just do not bite the grass, is called the Divise. For who sirbt loses loosed off to die, do the rest. And if so, say as well. And if not healthy, then filled with the blessings of civilization, just can not even get into the river ...

Honestly, we need not explain long further beating around the bush: The earth will be much better off without us. Much better. All animals, all animals, all of nature will go there without us better people. The less we are living beings, the better for everyone else. Do something good to bite into the grass! I must be "The man who never lived to think"!

For this reason, it makes absolutely no difference if a virus, whether or not pigs, 800 million people and carried off a volcanic eruption three times as much. So why the panic? Sure, nobody wants to believe in it and refuses to be his strength from all the successes and failures, from the pains and hopes, I inflated the eternal nothingness to tender. Moreover, it is very painful to lose family members. So to prevent it may still cost billions! "Death at a Funeral".

I do not know exactly how it happens, but the older I get, the more boring I find this whole panic about natural disasters, epidemics and economic collapses. Have I ever been immune to the press?

Look at you but at times in the magazine store at the station. The vast majority of publications are absolutely irrelevant, redundant or just stupid. But you get the feeling there are more and more magazines and newspapers, even if the publisher pulped all Nas long title. It almost seems as though ignorance and banality are constantly fed ... so that not one day wakes up and finds himself is one of the deadly virus!

Maybe it's because we have to plan anything, there are no real dangers and adventures to experience, nothing challenging, and therefore are constantly on the lookout for the next kick ...

Because we do not seem to know right living, we can not really die. And perhaps it is also so that we can not really BE healthy, because we were never really sick. Right?

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