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3 Ekim 2010 Pazar
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Pay with a credit card in the blink of an eye

23 Kasım 2009 Pazartesi
Posted by MaRKeRs

The contactless payment is increasingly used, except ... in Belgium. It helps pay for purchases without having to strum his code "pin".

It takes a little seconds or less, you swipe your credit card near a terminal detection and voila: the payment of your purchase is made in the blink of an eye, without having to strum any pin code.

This practice is simple and it works with disconcerting ease. It's contactless payment, which wins in importance every day: a small thirty countries have already integrated this payment system, which missed the United States, but also Poland, Romania and Turkey. Meanwhile Belgium

In France, for cons, the contactless payment starts to be in place. Many large chains offer it.Disneyland Paris has such an agreement with Visa PayWave to enable contactless payments, whether by credit card or mobile phone. MasterCard, for its part will launch a pilot with the RATP - the Parisian public transport - a few weeks after the introduction of the "tap and go" bus in Liverpool, Great Britain. Bounds demonstration were presented at the exhibition "Maps 2009", held a few days ago near Paris.

Just pass the credit card on the device, and the message "the ticket was paid" appears instantly. At the exit, you pass the credit card to open the portal. Much more convenient than queuing at the automatic machines for ticket distribution

In Liverpool, the equipment installed at the entrance of the bus continues to distribute tickets.Ultimately, however, the goal is to eliminate paper tickets. The controller has a terminal that can "read" history on the map.

The transport links are one of the places where contactless payment has been most successful. This can go very quickly, to avoid queues.

The advantage of this mode of payment is of course the saving of time, especially in periods of large crowds, such as noon, when the queues can be very long to pay for his sandwich.

It is also, and above all, an alternative to cash payments, which still constitute the bulk of transactions, often for small amounts. In Europe, cash payments still account for almost 80% of total transactions, recalled Visa. And 90% of these cash transactions are for amounts less than 15 euros.

Contactless payment is limited to just small amounts. In the U.S., the maximum usable time per transaction was $ 25. "The amount was increased to $ 50 because the average amount per transaction was $ 24. It was a request traders to increase the ceiling," said Art Kranzley, company MasterCard. In Britain, the maximum amount is £ 10. In France, the maximum set by Visa is 20 euros and 25 euros for MasterCard.

This type of payment, however, suffers a disadvantage: in case of loss, the contactless card can be used without problem. "Consumers are asking questions," admits Art Kranzley. "The risk associated with this type of payment is limited".

The number of consecutive payments made without contact is limited. You must strum for example your PIN after three operations without contact to confirm your authentication. "This may be more or less. It depends on the bank that issued the credit card", says Art Kranzley. In case of loss or theft, guarantees similar to conventional maps are applied.

Contactless payment is for the moment the gates of Belgium. One explanation given is that the banks were quite large computer files to manage these days, including integration with SEPA (the Single European Payments Area in Europe). However, it is the banks can start the movement, although nothing prevents a distribution chain to market its own credit card without contact.

This month, the Belgian banks have however expressed their willingness to give new impetus to electronic payments. Thus, they consider possible increase to one billion in five years the number of payments made by electronic cards, which amounts to almost double this type of operation. Last year no less than 1, 175 billion transactions were conducted in Belgium.

It also requires a big investment since the terminals must be suited to contactless payments.

Slovakia closes it's border with Ukraine

Posted by MaRKeRs

Slovakia has announced the closure Sunday of all border crossings with Ukraine, because of the outbreak of H1N1 in this country. A crossing point, the largest, will remain open.

This measure stems from "the continuous deterioration of the epidemiological situation in Ukraine," said Interior Minister Robert Kalinak. He said the decision is temporary and is designed to protect the European Union, which Slovakia is a member.

Doctors will be sent to the checkpoint to examine passengers, with the power to prohibit the entry of anyone suspected of being infected.

The influenza virus H1N1 has infected more than 750,000 people in Ukraine, where hundreds perished. Kiev could postpone presidential elections from January to May due to the epidemic.

Global alert about the Pig influenza

22 Kasım 2009 Pazar
Posted by MaRKeRs

The World Health was on the alert Saturday, saying "very concerned" about the appearance of a swine flu virus that spreads among humans in the United States and Mexico, where he makes 20 fatal cases identified.

The virus was "clearly a potential pandemic" and the evolution of the situation is "unpredictable," warned the Director General of WHO Margaret Chan at a press conference call at the organization's headquarters in Geneva .

The non-affected countries should "increase their vigilance," claimed Ms. Chan, a specialist pandemics, returned the same morning the United States.

For her, this "new virus" identified as H1N1 and transmitted to humans constitutes a "serious situation".

"The most worrying is that (the virus) is transmitted from man to man", told AFP spokesman for WHO, Thomas Abraham, saying he had transferred "in genes never encountered before. "

"This is the first time we see an avian strain, two strains pig and a human strain, has also raised the head of the U.S. Centers for Control and prevention of diseases, Dave Daigle, who works closely with WHO.

These characteristics, together with the fact that the disease affects an age unusual for a bird - "young healthy adults - are fears of a serious epidemic, recalling the fears caused by avian influenza.

Especially since pigs are considered by experts as "crucibles" ideals that may give rise to a highly virulent strain for humans by combining genetic material from swine flu and avian flu.

According to WHO, they have been "involved in the emergence of new influenza viruses responsible for two pandemics of the twentieth century.

In Mexico, where 40 deaths were suspicious and a little more than a thousand patients placed under observation, authorities are already talking about the term epidemic.

The alert was given in the two countries, Mexico and the United States, where emergency operations centers have been opened. As the WHO has activated its "operations center" for managing emergencies.

For WHO, which has decided to send a special mission to Mexico, time is running out because the disease spreads geographically.

In Mexico, three homes were identified: the main city in Mexico, with 20 deaths from the virus (18 according to WHO), the second in central San Luis Potosi (24 cases including three deaths) and a third smaller, on the border with the United States, Mexicali (four non-fatal cases).

Evidence of the spread, the strain detected in 12 fatal cases in Mexico is "genetically identical" to that found in California in the United States, neighboring country where eight non-fatal cases have been identified, said WHO.

Moreover, in addition to California and Texas, suspect cases were reported in New York, where 75 students with flu symptoms were subjected to analysts, according to CNN.

Given the urgency, the Mexican authorities have ordered the total closure of schools and universities in Mexico and its state. The mayor of the capital decided on a mass vaccination campaign. Vaccines, however, were not available Friday, according to testimony.

"Vaccination is the second step," said the spokesman of the WHO stating that "vaccine production (was) possible since the virus was found" but needed "some time ".

Meanwhile, Tamiflu, a drug based oseltamivir used against bird flu, is effective for this virus, he said.

The swine flu spreads around the world

Posted by MaRKeRs

In the United States, a Mexican baby 23 months died of the H1N1 virus in Texas. The country is most affected after Mexico: 91 cases have been confirmed and 11 million antiviral treatment should be distributed. In California, authorities are investigating the cause of 2 deaths in the Los Angeles area and could be related to the swine flu. The state of emergency was declared, but the U.S. refused to close the border with Mexico. The U.S. president, Barack Obama, urged Tuesday the Congress to release $ 1.5 billion to strengthen the response capacity of the United States face a potential worsening of the epidemic. Moreover, the U.S. military investigation into a suspected case in a California Marine quarantined with the soldier who shared his room, while about thirty others are under surveillance, said Wednesday the head of the Marines.
In Mexico, the death toll nouvau "suspected" to have been caused by swine flu rises to 159, against 152 mentioned previously, but the dead "confirmed" by the analysis is reduced from 20 to 7 announced Tuesday the Minister of Health of Mexico, Jose Angel Cordova. Health services were considered far a total of 2 498 patients suspected of which 1 311 are still hospitalized. Wednesday afternoon, the revised assessment of the Ministry of Health reported 49 confirmed cases of patients infected with H1N1.
Canada, which has so far confirmed 13 cases of swine influenza (all benign), advised passengers to "defer non-essential travel to Mexico. Health authorities have warned to expect more cases and perhaps dead.

Pig influenza ' it's A Risk!

Posted by MaRKeRs

The swine influenza (also known as porcine influenza, swine flu ') is running an acute infectious disease of the airways in domestic pigs. This is caused by porcine (pig belonging to), influenza virus, the virus influenza virus A genus, species belonging to influenza A virus. By reassortment of the segments of the RNA genome of porcine and human influenza viruses, it may, when outbreaks of swine influenza to the emergence of new anti-genetic variants occur (antigenic shift) having the new animal or human pathogenic properties. These new subtypes (reassortants) are, however, no causative agent of classical swine influenza.

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Do it for your project!

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The shaking table.
The old crack.
Do it for your project!

The creaking stairs.
The lack of funds.
The book won.
The Bank.
The lake.
The cliché.
Do it for your project!

The dream.
The forgotten dream.
The fantastic dream.
The other reality.
The absurdity.
Do it for your project!

What needs to be.
What should we.
What could we.
Do it for your project!

The kohlrabi.
The great tit.
The little one.
Which is great.
The Dose.
The Rose.
The lots.
Do it for your project!

All this.
The beginning.
The end.
Do it for your project!

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